Meet the Band

The New Horizons Musical Organization of the Lakes Region

The New Horizons Musical Organization of the Lakes Region, often also referred to as the New Horizons Band of the Lakes Region, was started by Mary Divers in 2007. The band started out with approximately 25 players at a novice level. At the current time, the band has grown to about 40 members of varying musical backgrounds and playing levels. The band is now under the direction of Debbi Gibson and Mary Divers directs various music ensembles (i.e. brass, woodwind, etc.) and plays trumpet in the band.

The band performs around the beautiful Lakes Region in New Hampshire and beyond. Favorite venues to perform are the Veterans Home in Tilton, Taylor Community in Laconia, Belknap County Nursing Home also in Laconia, in Meredith for the Independence Day festivities, at the Gilford Community Church, and in Sanbornton for the Old Home celebrations.

The idea for a New Horizons Band came from the New Horizons International Music Organization. New Horizons originated in 1991 in Rochester, NY, under the lead of Dr. Roy Ernst. The motto of New Horizons is Music for Life. New Horizons musical groups provide a place for adults to be involved in a musical experience. It was designed to include those who had no musical experience, those who stashed their instruments in their closets for ten to fifty years and whomever fits in the category in between all that. The benefits of participating in music are many. It offers intellectual challenge, socialization within a group, participation in events and continued learning.

One important aspect is just experiencing music which is experiencing life. There are more than 200 New Horizons musical organizations throughout the world. Included are bands like ours, orchestras, choral groups, jazz groups, and small ensembles. Also, now there are camps offered to promote more musical experiences. Many members of our New Horizons Band go to Adult Band Camp in Maine each summer for a week. Once there we experience many kinds of music and comradery with fellow musicians.

The Musicians

Flute: Terry Elliot, Jana Laudadio, Lynn Sanford, Caroline Clairmont

Clarinet: Stacey Baston, Sebrena Leclerc, Lisa McHugh, Patte Morrow, Karen Sticht, Christine Cox, Melanie Kray, Ron Sibley

Oboe: Brian O’Meara

Bass Clarinet: Carolyn Parker, Ginny Woods

Alto Saxophone: Barbara Morrill, Linda Clairmont, Mary Anne Sopelak

Tenor Saxophone: Don Stephenson, Phil Alger

Baritone Saxophone: Larry Wylie

Trumpet: Steve Christi, John Early, Cindy Haskell, Shirley Richardson, Kathryn Rogers, Mary Divers

French Horn: Debba Sekou

Trombone: Angelo van Engelen, Bill Cox, Dottie Woughter, Sara Champaign

Euphonium / Baritone: Robin Rollins, Karen Simpson

Tuba: Karl Kimball

Percussion: Rick Filiau, Jan Learned, Wendy Miller, Nancy Stephenson, Joy Power

Announcers: Valerie Kimball, Kathy van Engelen